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Kenya: One person injured in blast at mosque in Nairobi


NAIROBI, (Xinhua): One person was injured Sunday evening in a blast at a mosque in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, local police reported.

Regional police commander Moses Ombati said the explosion rocked Nairobi's Eastleigh residential estates largely inhabited by Kenyans of Somali origin, apparently targeting worshippers who were leaving a mosque after evening prayers.

"The grenades were thrown from a speeding vehicle and had targeted worshippers who were leaving the mosque after evening prayers, but it rolled several time and exploded some meters outside the mosque, injuring one person," Ombati said by telephone.

"I am rushing to the scene to find more details," he added.

The attack is the third witnessed at Eastleigh in 10 days. At least five people died in an grenade explosion at Hidaya mosque on Dec. 7. Local lawmaker Yusuf Hassan was among the 15 injured.

On Dec. 5, one person was killed and at least four others injured in a blast in Eastleigh's Joska area near the military airbase.

The worst terror attack hit the area one month ago. Terrorists planted an improvised explosive device in a public transport vehicle (matatu), which went off killing 10 people and injuring 34 others.

The East African nation has experienced a string of attacks on churches and public places in the recent past. The authorities blamed them on Al-Shabaab insurgents from Somalia, who vowed to retaliate after Kenyan military forces entered southern Somalia last year to fight against the Al-Qaida-linked group.

Threats are hovering over Kenya, with many countries warning their citizens to be cautious about their businesses in Nairobi.

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