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May 30, 2001

Latest issue of the paper

30 May 2001

Following are articles published in the latest issue of The Muslim News
Confronting the democratic deficiency
A survey of The Muslim News readers has astonishingly found only 50 per cent were certain to go to the polls. It is not surprising why so many Muslims are alienated by the political system. Most feel marginalised and disenchanted.
Under representation
The Muslim News has constantly raised concerns about the gross under-representation of Muslims in parliament and the shortcomings and failure of party selection processes. Although some 34 Muslim candidates are standing, including a record 28 from the three main parties (up from just 13 in 1997), it would appear that the vast majority have been put up as a sop as most are in unwinnable seats.
Only 50% deciding to vote
By Jeanette Mizrahi Rkioui
Almost half of a random sample of a hundred people interviewed by The Muslim News between May 7-16, admitted they were either not voting or undecided about voting in the 2001 General Election. Apathy was rarely on the agenda, rather a lack of trust in politics and a dearth of support afforded to Muslim causes from any corner.
Election special - written interview with Prime Minister Tony Blair -
- written interview with Opposition Leader William Hague -
- written interview with Leader of Lib Dem Charles Kennedy
Over 200 Muslim local councillor
By By Hamed Chapman and Ahmed Versi
More than 200 Muslim local councillors have been identified in a comprehensive list compiled exclusively by The Muslim News.
Of the 217 listed as of May 2000, only one is in Wales and four in Scotland. The remainder are spread throughout England. Out of the total, there are just nine women.
Blair urged to openly press for release of detained British Muslims in Yemen
By Ahmed Versi
Families of five British Muslims imprisoned in Yemen on terrorism charges have urged the Prime Minister to come out into the open and demand the release of the detainees. “We want the Government to give more public and vocal support. We want Tony Blair to say publicly that the trial was flawed and come in support of the detainees,” solicitor of the family members of the Britons, Natalia Garcia, told The Muslim News outside the Foreign Office.
Terrorism Act will be implemented intelligently and with understanding
In an exclusive interview with Editor of The Muslim News Ahmed Versi, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police David Veness, who is in charge of all Specialist Operations including protection, terrorism, security and organised crime, makes it clear that the Terrorism Act and the newly proscribed groups, majority of which are Muslim, will be applied wisely.
Greater London Assembly excludes Muslims
In an exclusive interview with the Editor of The Muslim News Ahmed Versi, Chairman of the Greater London Assembly Trevor Phillips discussed the achievements and shortfalls of the Assembly.

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