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September 04, 2001

Lord Jenner forced to leave the UK NGO meeting at World Conference against Racism

Pro-Zionist peer Lord Janner was forced to leave a UK NGO meeting yesterday evening, reports Editor of The Muslim News Ahmed Versi from Durban. The meeting was convened to discuss the stance taken by the European caucus on the issue of accusing Israel as a racist state and was arranged held after meeting the UK Government official delegation at the Hilton Hotel, near the International Conference Centre.

 “After the meeting with the British Government Delegation, we wanted to discuss the important issue of the stance taken by the European Caucus on the issue of Zionism and racism in private," one of the UK NGO delegates, who did not want to be identified, told The Muslim News "However, one of us noticed Lord Janner with three Jewish men (one of them we believe was a security person) had somehow managed to enter the room and were listening to our conversation. One of our delegates from the Black Police Association (UK) went over to them and asked them to leave,” the delegate said. Lord Janner with his colleagues from the World Jewish Congress, left the room immediately. They were asked to leave as the World Jewish Congress was not a UK NGO>

 Earlier in the day, the European Caucus of the NGO held a special meeting to discuss the NGO document which was passed by the NGO meeting on Sunday. 6,000 NGOs agreed on the text of the document which included a declaration accusing Israel of genocide and crime against humanity. The NGO text described Israel as “a racist, apartheid state in which Israel’s brand of apartheid as a crime against humanity has been characterised by separation and segregation, dispossession, restricted land access, ‘bantustanisation’ and inhumane acts” and called for the establishment of “a war crimes tribunal to investigate…acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing and the crime of Apartheid”.

 The European caucus was divided between Jewish-led white NGOs and the mostly Black groups on the issue. The Black-led caucus argued not to “delegitimise” the NGO document which was already agreed on Sunday. The meeting will continue this morning at 11am.

 An international youth conference, which met earlier last week, accused in its document Israel of “ongoing and systematic human rights violations” against the Palestinians. It also said that the “continued occupation of Palestinians and the subjugation of the Palestinian youth constitute a new form of Apartheid”.

 Lord Jenner was not contactable. Lord Greville Janner, 73, is a former Labour MP and a former Chairman of Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group. He is currently a member of the All-party Parliamentary War Crimes Group and heads the Maimonedes Foundation.

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