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June 17, 2006

Muslim boy charged with terrorism after expiry of detention, says solicitor

Solicitor for a 16 year-old boy, accused of conspiracy to murder under the Terrorism Act, says that he was charged following the expiry of his seven day detention and after being told he was going to be released, The Muslim News has been told.

The boy from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, who cannot be legally named, was arrested after leaving his High School, where he had been taking his GCSE exams, at 2.15 pm on Wednesday June 7.

His solicitor, Louise Christian, said police did not apply for an extension of his detention and the boy and his father were told on Wednesday June 14 at 2.15pm that he was to be released but that at 2.20 pm he was rearrested and was told that the police had received an urgent call from the CPS that a new evidence had come to light. His solicitor told the police that the continued detention was unlawful as there was no authority from the courts to continue holding the boy.

At 2.55 he was taken into custody and charged with conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause a public nuisance by use of poisons and/or explosives to cause disruption, fear or injury.

Appearing at Bow Street court in London on Thursday, the magistrate asked the police to supply the new evidence. The solicitors will apply for Bail next week.

His arrest was linked with 21 year-old Aabid Hussein Khan, who was also charged with conspiracy to murder and of conspiracy to cause public nuisance by use of poisons and/or explosives to cause disruption, fear or injury.

Khan, from Bradford, is also charged with possession of a computer hard drive for a purpose connected with the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism.

He was arrested at Manchester airport, after reportedly returning from Pakistan the day before the boy’s arrest.

According to the BBC, the police were aware of the sensitivities of their operations and have been meeting religious and civic leaders in Dewsbury and Bradford to keep them informed of events.

“The force is aware that investigations of this nature may cause disruption, which has to be balanced against the need to act quickly and in proportion to certain information and intelligence,” a spokeswoman for West Yorkshire Police said.

“This is a serious and complex investigation. Inquiries are expected to continue into various aspects of the investigation for some time,” the spokeswoman added.

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