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Russia rules out immediate dispatch of troops to Kyrgyzstan


MOSCOW, (Xinhua): Kremlin spokeswoman Natalia Timakova told reporters Saturday Russia saw no conditions for getting involved in Kyrgyzstan's internal conflict.

"This is an internal conflict, and Russia does not see the conditions for participation in its settlement," she said.

However, Russia would provide humanitarian support to the southern part of the Central Asian state with a plane from the Emergency Situations Ministry following a presidential order, the spokeswoman said.

"Consultations are now underway with various agencies with a view to providing aid to Kyrgyzstan. In a telephone conversation with Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu and Minister of Health and Social Development Tatyana Golikova, the president (Dmitry Medvedev)gave orders to provide humanitarian support to the country. The Emergencies Ministry's plane will fly to the republic to this end," Timakova said.

Medvedev also ordered the evacuation of the injured and provision of medical treatment.

Meanwhile, member states of the post-Soviet security bloc, the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), would hold consultations Monday over the situation in Kyrgyzstan, she said.

"As chairman of the CSTO Council, Medvedev has ordered consultations to be held among the secretaries of the Security Councils of the CSTO member states on Monday in order to work out a collective response," Timakova said.

Earlier, the Kyrgyz interim government announced a state of emergency and curfew in the southern city of Jalalabad, in addition to the second largest city of Osh.

Kyrgyz interim leader Roza Otunbayeva has sent a letter to Medvedev, appealing for help to quell the violence, which erupted on Thursday due to inter-ethnic clashes. The death toll has risen to 63 with another 838 injured.

A senior Russian military official told media Saturday that Russian troops stationed at the Kyrgyz Kant military base would not be deployed to Osh.

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