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Pakistan: 134 Pakistanis rescued from violence-torn Kyrgyzstan


ISLAMABAD, (APP): A total of 134 Pakistani nationals including students from violence stricken Osh of Kyrgystan has reached through first special flight of PAF-C130 that landed at Chaklala Airbase in the wee hours of Tuesday.

Another special flight will bring the remaining Pakistani nationals along the dead body of Ali Raza, a Pakistani student killed in racial violence in Osh, sometime on Tuesday morning, a private news channel reported.

Pakistani envoy Tanvir Khaskheli said most among Pakistanis returned home are students and a little number of traders or laborers were also among them.

A rescue flight is due to fly off to Osh from Chaklala Airbase at 8:00 am on Tuesday, which will bring remaining 113 Pakistanis stranded at Osh airport, he said.

All Pakistanis are safe and sound and are in contact with Pakistani officials. Food items and other relief goods including blankets, medicines and etc. have been dispatched to them, he added.

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