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UK: British PM promises "real choice" on EU at next election


LONDON, (Xinhua): British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday said the country will be offered a "real choice" on its relationship with Europe at the next election.

Speaking in a television interview with the BBC, the prime minister was asked about his agenda to push for a vote on the EU.

"People should be in no doubt that the Conservatives will be offering at the next election a real choice and a real way of giving consent to that choice," Cameron said, adding any vote would happen within five years.

However, he refused to disclose any detail of the planned vote, saying it will be set out clearly in his speech in the middle of January.

Cameron also said the British government was reviewing which powers should be repatriated back to the country. Being entirely outside the EU would not be "right for Britain," considering its close trade relationship with the EU, he said.

Britain would have "no say over the rules of the market into which we sell" if it left, he said.

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